* Powder Metallurgy Progress

          Journal of Science and Technology of Particle Materials


Content of No 3  Vol.8(2008)






R. L. Orban, M. Orban

On the Influence of Some Carbide/Nitride Forming Elements, Added in Small Proportions, in Sintered Structural Steels


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M. Momeni, Ch. Gierl, H. Danninger

Ratio Tensile Strength-Vickers Hardness in Sintered Steels as a Function of the Sintering Temperatures


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Ch. R. Sohar, A. Betzwar‑Kotas, Ch. Gierl, B. Weiss, H. Danninger

Gigacycle Fatigue Fractography of Cold Work Tool Steels Produced by PM Compared to Ingot Metallurgy


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R. Bidulský, M. Actis-Grande, M. Kabátová

Effect of Surface Treatment on Fracture Behaviour of Prealloyed Sintered Steel Fe-(Cr, Mo) with Addition of 0.3% C


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A. Zafari, P. Beiss

Effect of Tensile Mean Stresses on Fatigue Strength of Fe-Cu-C Steels in as-Sintered and Heat Treated Conditions


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R. Bureš, M. Fáberová, E. Dudrová, P. Kollár

Cold Compaction of Permalloy Powders


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P. Jurči, M. Dománková, B. Šuštaršič, M. Balog

Structure and Properties of PM Al-7Cr Alloy Prepared by Rapid Solidification


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I. Gaal, L. Bartha

Mechanisms of Fracture in Commercial Lamp Grade Tungsten at the Ambient


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A. Sawka, A. Kwatera, W. Juda

Preparation of Aluminium Oxide Layers on Cemented Carbides Using MOCVD Method


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W. Juda, A. Kwatera, A. Sawka

Properties of Aluminium Oxide Layers Deposited on Cemented Carbides by MOCVD Method


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O. Velgosová, M. Besterci, M. Varchola

Influence of Factors on Micromechanismus of Fracture Al-Al4C3 System


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M. Wojtaszek, S. Szczepanik

The Influence of Parameters of Hot Consolidation and Extrusion on Properties of PM Al–Si–Fe–Cu Materials


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M. Nosko, F. Simančík, R. Florek, M. Balog

Mechanical Properties of Alulight Aluminium Foam Affected by Foaming Parameters


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B. Ballóková, M. Besterci

Mechanical Properties and Fracture of MoSi2 and MoSi2 Composites


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short communications

M. Kašiarová

International conference ”Fractography of Advanced Ceramics, FAC 2008”


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