* Powder Metallurgy Progress

          Journal of Science and Technology of Particle Materials


Content of No 2  Vol.4(2004)





G. F. Bocchini, A. Baggioli, B. Rivolta, G. Silva, P. Piccardo, E. Poggio

Influence of density and surface/volume ratio on the cooling rate of sinter-hardening materials


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V. Stoyanova, A. Molinari

Vacuum sintering and sinter-hardening of Mo and Ni low alloyed steel


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G. F. Bocchini, A. Baggioli, B. Rivolta, G. Silva

The hardenability of some P/M materials: an evaluation through an instrumented jominy test


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S. M. Barinov, V. Yu. Bibikov, J. Ďurišin, I. V. Fadeeva, D. Ferro, V. S. Komlev, Ľ. Medvecký, S. Nunziante Cesaro, J. V. Rau

Sintering of porous carbonated apatite bioceramics


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technical papers


V. Vrábeľ

The effect of atmosphere flow rate on carburization process of porous iron


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short communications

H. Kuroki

Asymmetrical transformation in different types of pure irons (On Prof. H. Danninger's detailed observation of sintered iron)


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