*   Powder Metallurgy Progress

            Journal of Science and Technology of Particle Materials


Content of No 2  Vol.2(2002)


J. R. Moon      

Toughness and growth of fatigue cracks in PM steels


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M. Pavlíčková, D. Vojtěch, P. Stolař, P. Jurči

Effect of thermal treatment on the properties of rapidly solidified powder of tool steel alloyed with niobium


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C. Bosi, G.L.Garagnani, M.Rosso

Investigation on the influence of sintering process parameters on impact resistance of pm 316l stainless steels


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A. Upadhyaya, C. Ghosh

Effect of coating and activators on sintering of w-cu alloys



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N. ©tevulová, J. Briančin, A. Buchal

Mechanically induced changes in a binary fe-si mixture during energy - intensive milling


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F. Lofaj

Creep damage distribution in silicon nitride by SLAM


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