* Powder Metallurgy Progress

          Journal of Science and Technology of Particle Materials


Content of No 1  Vol.9(2009)






H Danninger, C. Gierl, A. ©alak

Relationship between Apparent Hardness and Tensile Strength in PM Iron and Steels Sintered at Standard Temperatures


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Sh. Amini, K. Hazeli, H. Khorsand, M. Ghambari

Subsurface Crack Nucleation during Dry Sliding Wear of P/M Steel Powders


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R. Bidulský, M. Kabátová, M. Selecká, J. Georgiev, M. Actis Grande

Effect of Carbon Addition Mode Coating on the Compaction Behaviour of Fe-Cr-Mo-C Powders


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R. Ch. Hula, Ch. Edtmaier

Silver Coated Tungsten Carbide Powders for Composites in Electrical Contact Applications


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J. Trpčevská, N. Ganev, W. Żórawski, D. Jakubeczyová, J. Briančin

Effect of Powder Particle Size on the Structure of HVOF WC-Co Sprayed Coatings


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V. Broľek, P. Ctibor, D. I. Cheong, S.-H. Yang

Plasma Spraying of Zirconium Carbide - Hafnium Carbide - Tungsten Cermets


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