* Powder Metallurgy Progress

          Journal of Science and Technology of Particle Materials


Content of No 1  Vol.7(2007)






A. Liersch, H. Danninger, Ch. Gierl, R. Ratzi

The Role of Admixed Hexagonal Boron Nitride in Sintered Steels 1. Effect on Sintering and Microstructure


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M. Campos, L. Blanco, J.M. Torralba

Effect of Green Densification Mode on Fracture Surface Micromechanisms in Low Alloyed Molybdenum Sintered Steels


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M. Kabátová, E. Dudrová, A. Wronski, R. Bidulský

Fatigue Crack Initiation and Short Crack Growth in Sintered Fe-1.5Cr-0.2Mo-0.7C Steel


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M. Kupková, M. Kupka, S. Strobl, C. Gierl, J. Wagesreither

On the Unusual Dimensional Response of Compacted Copper-Coated Iron Powders to Sintering


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A. Turoňová, M. Gálová, M. Gernátová

Preparation of the Copper Coatings on Fe Powder by Electroless Plating Technique


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J. Trpčevská, W. ®orawski, D. Jakubéczyová, J. Briančin, E. Zdravecká

Investigation of Microstructures of Plasma and HVOF Sprayed Carbide Coatings


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