*   Powder Metallurgy Progress

            Journal of Science and Technology of Particle Materials


Content of No 1  Vol.2(2002)


J.M. Torralba, E. Gordo


Pm high speed steel matrix composites. State of the art (review paper)



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M. Rosso, M. Actis Grande, D. Ornato

Sintering of duplex stainless steels and their properties



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C. Menapace, C. Messner, P. Costa, G. Straffelini, A. Molinari

Radial crushing strength of 10% tin bronze bearings produced with different copper powders: effect of density and pore morphology



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Mamedov V. A

Spark plasma sintering (sps) as advanced powder metallurgy sintering method




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V. Ilyasov, A. Ryzhkin, Yu. Ilyasov

Prospects of computer modelling for a level of wear resistance of pm hard materials on the basis WC – Fe – Ni



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J. Dusza

High temperature mechanical properties of a si3N4+sic nanocomposite


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