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Microstructural Engineering of Steels

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Vice head:


  • Ing. Mgr. Ladislav Ceniga, PhD.
    ( mail lceniga(at)imr.saske.sk, tel +421-55-7922 432 )
  • Ing. Jozef Maruš
    ( mail jmarus(at)imr.saske.sk, tel +421-55-7922 482 )
  • Mgr. Ivan Petryshynets, PhD.
    ( mail ipetryshynets(at)imr.saske.sk, tel +421-55-7922 448 )
  • Ing. Mária Podobová, PhD.
    ( mail mpodobova(at)imr.saske.sk , tel +421-55-7922 447 )
  • Ing. Viktor Puchý, PhD.
    ( mail vpuchy(at)imr.saske.sk, tel +421-55-7922 447 )
  • Ing. Yuriy Sidor, PhD.
    ( mail ysidor(at)imr.saske.sk, tel NV )
  • Ing. Martin Šebek, PhD.
    ( mail msebek(at)imr.saske.sk, tel +421-55-7922 448 )

Research aera

Microstructural Engineering of SteelsThe department is scientifically orientated on theory of microstructure development in steels during thermal and thermo-deformation treatment processes. Investigation is related with grain boundary motion phenomena, thermal and deformation activated grain growth processes, kinetics of microstructure development, interaction of grain boundary with secondary phases and alloying elements, study of restoration processes (dynamic and static recovery, recrystallization after hot and cold rolling processes). An attention is paid to plastometric simulation of thermal-deformation processes and their interpretation by means of substructure change, analysis of selective nucleation and texture development during grain growth. A novel technology rout for texture and microstructure control in multi-layered steels is also deal of the investigation. The low carbon steels (deep-drawing, electro-technical, multifunctional, etc) are scientific orientation of the department.


  • Mathematical modelling
  • Torsion plastometry, plastometric simulation
  • Experimental simulation of time-temperature expositions in controlled atmosphere
  • Light microscopy
  • Digital image analysis
  • Rtg analysis
  • Crystallographic texture and orientations analysis
  • Nano indentation methods
  • DSC, DTA TG analysis


  • APVV-51-024405 "Development of unconventional microstructures in isotropic electrotechnical steels" /2006-2008/
  • LPP-0174-06 "Strain induced grain boundary migration in electrotechnical steels" /2006-2009/
  • SK-CN-01506 "Columnar Microstructure development in non-oriented electrical steels" /Sino-Slovak Scientific and Technological Cooperation/ /2006-2007/
  • VEGA - 2/7195/27 "Deformation and diffusion induced grain boundary motion during cube and Goss texture development in Fe-Si ferrite" /2007-2009/
  • VEGA - 2/0138/10 "Microstructure design of progressive isotropic electrotechnical steels"
  • SK-UA-0024-09  "Studies of diffusion of modifying atoms and microstructure of metal-based and semiconductor-based alloys" /Ukrainian-Slovakian Scientific and Technological Cooperation/

  • APVV-0147-11 "High-strength electrotechnical composite steels" /2012-2015/

    Structural Fonds Projects

  • "Technology of preparation of electrotechnical steels possessing high permeability for high affectivity electromotors", ITMS code 2622022037

  • "Research Centrum for Combinated and Renewable Resources of Energy", ITMS code 2622022064

  • "New materials and technologies for energetics", ITMS code 2622022061

    Selected publications:

  • „Grain Growth Phenomena and Heat Transport in Non-Oriented Electrical Steels”, SIDOR, J. - KOVÁČ, F. - KVAČKAJ, T. In: Acta Materialia, 55, 2007, s.1711-1722 (2)

  • „Strain-Induced Grain Growth in Non-Oriented Electrical Steels”, KOVÁČ, F. - STOYKA, V. - PETRYSHYNETS, I. In: Journal  of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 320, 20, 2008, p. E627-E630

  • „Study of Secondary Recrystallization in Grain-Oriented Steel Treated under Dynamical Heat Treatment Conditions”, STOYKA, V. -  KOVÁČ, F. -  JULIUS, B. In: Metalurgija, Vol. 48, Iss. 2, 2009

  • „Influence of Temperature Conditions on Structural Formation of TRIP Steel“, KVAČKAJ, T. - MOLNÁROVÁ, M. - MIŠIČKO, R. - FUJDA, M. - SÜLLEIOVÁ, K. - BESTERCI, M.  In: "IFHTSE 2007", 16th IFHTSE Congress, Brisbane, Australia, 30th Oct.-1st Nov. 2007

  • „Influence of Controlled Thermo-Mechanical Processing on TRIP Steel Structure and Properties“, KVAČKAJ, T. - MOLNÁROVÁ, M. - MIŠIČKO, R. - FUJDA, M. - BIDULSKÁ, J. - KVAČKAJ, R. - KOČIŠKO, R. In: "ICSMA 2009", 15th International Conference on Strength of Materials, Dresden, Germany, 16-21 August, 2009, p. 28

  • „Texture Evolution in Fe-3% Si Steel Treated under Unconventional Annealing Conditions“, STOYKA, V. -  KOVÁČ, F. - STUPAKOV, O. - PETRYSHYNETS, I. In: Materials Characterizations,  (2010), doi: 10.1016/j.matchar.2010.06.020

  • „Determining the True Stress-Strain Relationship by Depth Sensing Indentation on Two Structural Materials“, GAVENDOVÁ, P. - ZUBKO, P. - PEŠEK, L. - BLÁHOVÁ, O. In: Chemické Listy, 104, 2010, p. 310-313

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