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Research area

The department is oriented on solving of the research and technology problems with not predetermined outputs which have fundamental significance for development of scientific discipline – research and development of electroceramic and other progressive materials. Research projects are focused on study of the synthesis of electroceramic materials and inorganic phases with different physico-chemically basis wherease determined aim of study is the final application with specific electrophysical (piezoelectric, semiconducting, magnetic etc.) respectivelly electrochemical properties. The reserch aimed on analysis of relations between microstructure and properties of ceramics and examination of processes which influence these relations. The significantly attribute of department is orientation on synthesis materials using the sol-gel processes, development of knowledge in the field of thin layers and novel experimental procedures for analysis of their properties. In the department, the research and development of materials and biotechnologies for make medical and pharmaceutical procedures more effective are started recently. Prepared ceramics, composites or cement like biomaterials can be utilized in reconstruction and regenerative medicine as implantants that replace hard tissues in body.

Types of studied materials

PZT and PMN piezoceramic systems, doped BaTiO3 ceramics, nanocrystalline inorganic phases of the PZT and PMN types, thin dielectric layers, cathodic phases for Li-ion cells, hydroxyapatite, biocements, biocomposites.

  • preparation of bulk ferroelectric and piezolectric ceramics                            
    respectively other type of functionally ceramic materials
  • thin layer applications of above type materials                                              
  • evaluation their microstructure, physical and physico-chemical


Synthesis and preparation of bioceramics, biocements and biocomposites of different types and structures on hydroxyapatite or calcium phosphate basis for medical using.

Overview of solved problem

  • Deformation preactivated recrystallization processes in BaTiO3 ceramic

  • Structure and properties of perovskite ceramics of ABO3 type prepared by the specific procedures

  • Piezoceramic materials with low fluctuation of phase composition and materials for Li cells with high capacity

  • Multicomponent and doped relaxor ferroelectric systems on PZT and PMN basis with high surface activity and chemical homogeneity

  • Biocomposites on hydroxyapatite basis with oriented structure

  • Biocements on composite basis with active calcium-phosphate interface

  • Sol-gel processes of the synthesis of ferroelectric nanoprecursors and their influence on phase composition and microstructure in thin layers

    Structural Fonds Projects

  • Advanced implants with seeded stem cells for hard tissues regeneration and reconstruction,  ITMS code 26220220032

  • Center of excellence of biomedical technologies, ITMS code 26220120066

    Selected publications

    1. BRUNCKOVÁ, H. - MEDVECKÝ, L. - BRIANČIN, J. - SAKSL, K.: Influence of Hydrolysis Conditions of the Acetate Sol-Gel Process on the Stoichiometry of PZT Powders. Ceramics International, 30, 2004, p.453-460
    2. MEDVECKÝ, L. - ŠTULAJTEROVÁ, R. - PARILÁK, L. - TRPČEVSKÁ, J. - ĎURIŠIN, J. - BARINOV, S.M.: Influence of Manganese on Stability and Particle Growth of Hydroxyapatite in Simulated Body Fluid. Colloids and Surfaces A, 281, 2006, p.221-229

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    4. MEDVECKÝ, Ľ. - ŠTULAJTEROVÁ, R. - BRIANČIN, J.: Study of Controlled Tetracycline Release from Porous Calcium Phosphate/Polyhydroxybutyrate Composites, Chemical Papers, 61, 2007, 6, p.477-484

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    6. BRUNCKOVÁ, H. - MEDVECKÝ, Ľ. - MIHALIK, J.: Effect of Sintering Conditions on the Pyrochlore Phase Content in PMN-PFN Ceramics Prepared by Sol-Gel Process. Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 28, 2008, p.123-131

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    8. MEDVECKÝ, Ľ. - ŠTULAJTEROVÁ, R. - BRIANČIN, J. - ĎURIŠIN, J.: The Effect of Modification of KH2PO4 Hardening Liquid with H3POand Chitosan on Setting Reactions and Compressive Strength of Calcium Phosphate Cement. Materials Science and Engineering C, 29, 2009, p.2493-2501

    9. MEDVECKÝ, Ľ. - ŠTULAJTEROVÁ, R. - BUREŠ, R.: Structural Evaluation of Brushite/Gelatine Coatings on Graphite Substrate. Surface and Coating Technology. 203, 2009, p.3754-3762


    • MEDVECKÝ, Ľ. - BRIANČIN, J.: Powder System for Lithium Secondary Bateries.  Slovak  Patent  No.285607

    • MEDVECKÝ, Ľ. -ŠTULAJTEROVÁ, R.: Method of the preparation of porous calcium phosphate materials and composites. Slovak Patent No.287378


    • Faculty of Medicine of P.J.Šafarik University in Košice

    • University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice

    • Institution of Russian Academy of Sciences Baikov Institute of Metallurgy and Material Science, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia


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