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Ferrous Powder Metallurgy | imrsas.sk

Ferrous Powder Metallurgy

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Head of the Department:

Vice Head:


Research Area

The department is focused on three main scientific-research topics (i) development of advanced, econo-mically and environmentally friendly high strength sintered steels for automotive industry with the aim to define optimal chemical conception and technological parameters for achievement high static and fatigue properties, (ii) preparation, compaction and correlation of relation among processing, microstructure and properties of composite powder systems with utilization of image analysis, stereology and statistics, (iii)  research of macro and micro-gradient sintered materials with non-traditional elastic-plastic properties and an increase of cutting properties of PM tool steels with application of multi- and nanocomposite coatings by advanced PVD technologies.
Research substance is a study of thermal activation of chemical and physical interactions during microstructure formation, theoretical calculations and modelling of their physical-metallurgical substance and experimental verification of predicted data.
The department has an active international cooperation, it starts solution of the project in the frame of OPVaV programme and by multilateral project it collaborates with world powder producer Höganäs AB Sweden.


• Thermodynamic calculation and mathematical modelling (HSC, Thermo-Calc, DICTRA, JMatPro)
• Continuous monitoring of sintering atmosphere composition (H2O, CO, CO2 a O2)
• Light microscopy, SEM, EDX, XPS, X-ray analysis
• Micro- and nanochemistry of interphase areas
• Analysis of macro and micro mechanical behaviour of sintered materials
• Analysis of durability of PM tools with applied PVD coatings
• Digital image analysis, statistical evaluation, fractal geometry
• Microscopical and fractographic analysis of initiation, coalescence and growth of cracks

Actual Projects

  • APVV-0490-07, Compactizing, microstructure and properties of microcomposite materials based on coated Fe powders (MICOMAT), 09/2008-12/2010, Doc. Ing. Eva Dudrová, CSc.
  • APVV-LPP- 0246- 07, Compactizing and Properties of Microcomposite Powder Materials (COMMICRO) , 07/2008-12/2010, Doc. Ing. Eva Dudrová, CSc.
  • VEGA 2/0103/09, Initiation, Subcritikal Growth, Coalescence and Propagation of Fatigue Microcracks in Sintered Fe-Cr-Mn-Mo-C Steels, 01/2009-12/2011, Doc. Ing. Eva Dudrová, CSc.,
  • VEGA 2/0149/09, Compaction of Microcomposite Materials based on Fe Powders, 01/2009-12/2011, Ing. Radovan Bureą, CSc.
  • VEGA 2/0109/08, Study of Characteristics of PVD Coatings on the Tool Steels prepared by Powder Metallurgy and their Behaviour at Machining of Sintered Materials, 1/2008-12/2010, Ing. Dagmar Jakubéczyová, CSc.
  • VEGA 2/0129/09, Processing, Structure and Properties of Metal Matrix Composites Originating from Coated, Nanostructured or Amorphous Raw Materials, 1/2009-12/2011,  RNDr. Miriam Kupková, CSc.
  • VP-M© 1/0464/08, Tribological Aspects of Sintered Materials Failures as a Result of Rolling Contact Fatigue and Wear, 1/2008-12/2010, Prof. Ing. Duąan Rodziňák, CSc./Ing. Dagmar Jakubéczyová, CSc.
  • VP-M© 1/0013/08, Electrolytical Preparation and Characterization of Nanocomposite Coatings in order to Enhance the Corrosion Resistance and Catalytic Activity, 1/2008-12/2010, Doc. RNDr. Renáta Oriňáková, PhD./Doc. Ing. Eva Dudrová, CSc.
  • BAS-SAS, Investigation of Behaviour of Carbon Coated Alloyed Powders during Sintering Process, 1/2008-12/2010, RNDr. Marcela Selecká, CSc.
  • VEGA 2/0060/11, Research of the Properties of Composite Coatings Applied by Advanced PVD Technologies onto Powder Metallurgy Tools, 01/2011-12/2013, Ing. Dagmar Jakubéczyová, CSc. 
  • OPVaV-2009/2.2/04-SORO ITMS: 26220220105, Advanced Technology of Preparing of Micro-Composite Materials for Electrotechnics, 12/2010-09/2013, Ing. Radovan Bureą, CSc.
  • Höganäs Chair IV, Masteralloys in PM, 03/2008/-02/2011, Doc.Ing. Eva Dudrová, CSc. 

    The department team participated in the EU 6FP projects - 6FP/MSCF-CT-2004-012578 “PM Training Courses” (2007 and 2009), EUR/06/C/F/PP-84700 “Design Criteria for the Production of High Specification Components using Powder Metallurgy”, EUREKA E! 3437 PROSURFMET “Progressive Surfacing of Metallic Materials”, part “Modifications of Surfacing PM Tool Steels” (2005-2007).
   The Department members cooperated in the frame of scientific bilateral projects with:
•   Politecnico di Torino: “Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Micro- and Macrograded Eco-friendly (Fe-Cr-Mn-Mo) Porous Materials” and “Controlled Development of Micro and Macro-graded Microstructure of Sintered Steels for Improving of Wear and Fatigue Properties” during the years 2005-2009;
•   Vienna University of Technology: “Sintered Iron-Base Alloys with Microgradient Structure” (2006-2007);
•   Institute of Metal Science Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia : “High Temperature Liquid Phase Sintering of Cr-Mo-Mn Steel”, “A New Method for Producing of Carbides of Refractory Metals (B, W and Ti)” and “Investigation of Behaviour of Carbon Coated Alloyed Powders during Sintering Process” (2005-2009).
   The Department is a member of the multilateral project Höganäs Chair from the year 2005, that is fully funded by the world powder producer Höganäs AB Sweden. There are the projects  Höganäs Chair III “Fundamental Study of Mn Containing PM Steels with Alloying Method of both Premix and Prealloy” (2005-2008) and Höganäs Chair IV “Masteralloy Systems in PM” (2008-2011). Projects partners are Vienna University of Technology, University of Trento and  University of Carlos III in Madrid, the leading European organizations.      The department has also an active cooperation with University of Bradford and University of Mining and Metallurgy in Krakow, Czech Technical University in Prague, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Institute of Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and others.

Selected publications (2005-2010)

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