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Diffusion and Transformation Processes in Metallic Systems | imrsas.sk

Diffusion and Transformation Processes in Metallic Systems

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  • RNDr. Peter Ševc, PhD.
    ( mailpsevc(at)imr.saske.sk, tel +421-55-7922 417 )
Vice head:


  • Ing. Lucia Čiripová, PhD.
    ( mail lciripova(at)imr.saske.sk, tel +421-55-7922 445 )
  • Ing. Ladislav Falat, PhD. 
    ( mail lfalat(at)imr.saske.sk, tel +421-55-7922 447 )
  • Ing. Ján Kepič, PhD.
    ( mail jkepic(at)imr.saske.sk, tel +421-55-7922 427 )
  • Mgr. Peter Repovský
    ( mail prepovsky(at)imr.saske.sk, tel +421-55-7922 445 )

Research area

The department deals with the diffusion and transformation processes running at inner surfaces and boundaries as well as in the matrix. It focusses mainly on the segregation and precipitation phenomena that influence the change of properties after the thermal exposure of materials (heat treatment, high temperature exploitation at high pressures - creep, welding etc.). Consequently the mechanisms of material degradation like e.g. temper embrittlement, creep damage, weld joint fractures are studied. Regarding the materials, for a few years the department has been oriented on all kinds of steels, mainly the low and middle alloy steels for energy industry components.

Currently solved topics

  • Ferritic and austenitic steels and weld joints- mechanical properties, microstructure and its degradation during annealing/exploitation
  • Influence of the annealing on microstructure of the weld joints and bends
  • Substructure and secondary phase evolution during long term annealing and high temperature exploitation
  • Thermodynamic calculations of equilibrium phases in the studied systems
  • Segregation kinetics of surface active elements in steels
  • Study of synergy action of P segregation and carbide precipitation in steels
  • Evaluation of thermodynamic parameters in the systems with boron (Fe-B-X) using laboratoy prepared alloys (basic research)
The topics are solved in the frame of the projects
  • Degradation and failure of dissimilar P92/316H weld joints with Ni-based filler metal (VEGA 2/0128/10)
  • Thermodynamic description of the B-C and Fe-B-C systems (VEGA 2/0042/09)
  • Modelling of ternary Fe-B-C system and thermal embrittlement - contribution to the study of Cr-Mo steels (MVTS APVV SK-SI-0029-08 Slovenia)

Other activities

  • Solving the topical problems for industry when required
  • Managing the creep laboratory and performing creep tests
Selected publications:
  • PERHÁČOVÁ, J. - VÝROSTKOVÁ, A. - ŠEVC, P. - JANOVEC, J. - GRABKE, H.J.: Phosphorus Segregation in CrMoV Low-Alloy Steels. Surface Science, 454-456, 2000, p.642-646
  • HOMOLOVÁ, V. - JANOVEC, J. - ZÁHUMENSKÝ, P. - VÝROSTKOVÁ, A.: Influence of Thermal-Deformation History on Evolution of Secondary Phases in P91 Steel. Materials Science and Engineering A, 349, 2003, p.306-312
  • MANDZIEJ, S.T.- VÝROSTKOVÁ, A.:  Evolution of Cr-Mo-V Weld Metal Microstructure during Creep Testing – Part 1: P91 Material. Welding in the World, 52, 2008, 1/2, p.3-26
  • VÝROSTKOVÁ, A.- HOMOLOVÁ, V. - PECHA, J. – SVOBODA, M.: Phase Evolution in P92 and E911 Weld Metals during Annealing, Materials Science and Engineering A, 480, 2008, p.289-298
  • BLACH, J. - FALAT, L. - ŠEVC, P.: Fracture Characteristics of Thermally Exposed 9Cr-1Mo Steel after Tensile and Impact Testing at Room Temperature. Engineering Failure Analysis, 16, 2009, p.1397-1403
  • FALAT, L. - VÝROSTKOVÁ, A. - HOMOLOVÁ, V. - SVOBODA, M.: Creep Deformation and Failure of E911/E911 and P92/P92 Similar Weld-Joints. Engineering Failure Analysis, 16, 2009, p.2114-2120

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