Head of Library:

  • Mgr. Katarína Ondrejová
    (mailzis(at), tel +421-55-7922 409 )


  • Provision of information requirements arising from the investigation of scientific-research tasks
  • Building the information fund, aimed at the scientific specialization and research tasks of the Institute
  • Provision of recherché, bibliographic, library and documentary information services
  • Provision of secondary information by building and utilizing the own database, obtaining information from external sources
  • Gathering and professional processing of information sources
  • Purchasing and acquisition of domestic and foreign technical literature
  • Provision of domestic and international inter-library lending service
  • Supplementing the information fund through the international publication exchange
  • Registering the publication activity and citations of the Institute employees and building the database
  • Provision of copy work for information purposes
  • Building the automated information processing systems
  • Cooperation in building a uniform information system within SAS through the SAS Central Library, within library funds and publication activities
  • International cooperation within information funds through summary databases
  • Updating web site of the Institute
  • Membership in editorial office of the institutional journal Powder Metallurgy Progress
  • Advertising of contracts of the Institute in the Central register of contracts
  • Recording of invoices of the Institute in the web site of the Institute

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